Research topics of PEER centres

Researchers on a lake with a boat Researchers on a lake with a boat

PEER members are dedicated exclusively to environmental research focusing on the interaction between man and the environment and sustainable development. PEER addresses complex environmental challenges on different spatial and temporal scales, integrating natural sciences, social sciences and engineering, and linking basic and applied research.

The research activities are based on PEER members' multi-annual strategic research programmes, and financed through public sector budget allocation and by competitive funding.

Through these pages, you can find out about the different areas of research of the PEER centres.


The PEER members also have a major role in a number of institutional networks, namely:

  • ALTERNET - A long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network (FP6 Network of Excellence)
  • LANDSCAPE EUROPE - European Network of Expertise on Landscapes
  • EURAQUA - Network of European Freshwater Research Organisations
  • NORMAN - Network of reference laboratories for monitoring of emerging environmental pollutants
  • ESBN - European Soil Bureau Network