The JRC is organising a virtual workshop series on “Strengthening and connecting science for policy eco-systems in Europe” between September 2020 and May 2021.

We would like to warmly invite you to join these workshops.

A first workshop – scheduled for 8 September 2020, 14h30-17h, focuses on ‘science for policymaking at the centre of national governments’. It will cover and explore different mechanisms/structures (such as scientific council to the cabinet, chief science advisor to government, science advisors in national ministries) relevant to national governments. Subsequent workshops would focus either on other specific mechanisms/structures of ‘eco-systems’ (science for policymaking in Parliaments, science for regional governments, science for policy by national academies, science for policy by public research institutes and universities) or on entire ‘eco-systems’ in one country. Additional information and an opportunity to register your interest, as well as shape the themes of the workshops can be found on this website:

We do hope that this workshop series will be a powerful tool to pursue three objectives: build a strong community of like-minded professionals from all Europe’s Member States, deepen and develop a shared knowledge pool of what works and what does not at the science-policy interface, and concretely strengthen and connect existing ‘eco-systems’ (potentially to be aided by different EU funding streams that will be presented during the workshops).

We would really appreciate your participation in this workshop series and would like to encourage you to spread the news of this workshop series widely among interested colleagues.

Please contact us in case you have further questions/ideas:
Kristian Krieger, Knowledge Management Officer, Joint Research Centre – the Commission`s science and knowledge service, European Commission

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