The event will be organized back-to-back with the European Evaluators´ Network Forum (EEEN) Environmental evaluation supporting the implementation of SDGs and transformative policymaking on 4-5 November 2020.

The Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) project on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “Tackling and managing risks with SDGs (PEER-TRISD)” brings together public and private sector decision-makers seeking depth in their risk management or ambition in their SDG implementation to share solutions for integrating risk evaluation and management with SDGs. This workshop builds on co-generation work on how risks and SDGs are addressed in decision-making, literature analysis on risk systematization, multilevel analysis of measuring SDG and risk indicators, and experiences from integrating the assessment and management of SDGs and risk in water, urban and biodiversity conservation contexts.

The workshop provides a platform for representatives of government, cities, finance, industry and insurance, to address the question for sharing their solutions that support integrating the evaluation and management of risks and sustainable development goals. The workshop will engage participants to present and process solutions for managing risks and sustainable development through short presentations and facilitated discussions.

Register for the PEER-TRISD Side Event in Webropol by October 23, 2020. Participation in the workshop does not require registration for the EEEN 2020 Forum.

More information: Eeva Primmer (SYKE)

Integrating the evaluation and management of risks and sustainable development: a solutions workshop 6 November 2020, online


8.45-9.00        Check-in

9.00-10.15      Opening by Kurt Jax (UFZ, leader of the PEER-TRISD project) and Eeva Primmer (SYKE, organizer of the event)

9.15-10.15      1st Panel: Practical application of SDGs

Leaders and experts working on sustainable development goals will share their experience on advancing on the SDGs and give practical solutions on SDGs management in a first part, followed by a panellist discussion in a second part. Names of panellists to be announced.

10.15-10.20    Conclusions and Breakout Groups Introduction

10.20-11.00    Breakout Groups: What solutions support integrating the evaluation of risks and sustainable development goals?

  • Practical experiences of evaluating and managing
  • Best practices and management systems
  • Challenges of evaluating and managing

11.00-11.15    Break

11.15-11.45    What we learn from the breakout groups

11.45-12.25    2nd Panel: Managing risks with SDGs

In this second panel, leaders and experts share their experience in managing risks in their sector of activity (government, business and finance, research) and at their scale (International, European and National) to advance on sustainable development. A panellist discussion will follow the presentations. Name of panellists to be announced. 

12.25-12.30    Conclusions and Acknowledgment