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Register for the PEER-TRISD Side Event: Integrating the evaluation and management of risks and sustainable development: a solutions workshop (6.11.)

PEER hosts a workshop on integrating the evaluation and management of risks and sustainable development: a PEER-TRISD solutions workshop (virtually) on 6 November.

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New tool for fast and efficient oil spill response at sea

A new, free tool for oil spill response at sea is now available online for authorities and local response units. The aim of the tool is to minimize environmental impacts of oil spills in the Arctic and around the world.

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Photo by Zefe Wu / Pixabay

Rising use of nitrogen fertilisers could jeopardise global climate goals

The growing use of nitrogen fertilisers in world food production could put ambitious climate targets out of reach, as it leads to rising levels of nitrous oxide (N2O) in the atmosphere, a new study shows.  

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Lower air pollution during COVID-19 lockdown may improve crop production

Cleaner air since the start of coronavirus restriction measures could lead to a global increase in wheat yields this year of between 2% and 8%, according to a study led by the JRC.

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Easy-to-use app provides boost for European butterfly enthusiasts

A Europe-wide, multilingual mobile phone app, launched by the European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, will make it easier for butterfly enthusiasts to monitor trends of species across the continent and enable scientists to assess the impacts of...

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Dutch scientist create interactive visual map of the country in a 100 years

In 100 years from now, the Netherlands will be a land of green cities, circular agriculture, and more forests, water and swamps. A climate-proof Netherlands of this description is not just desirable but also feasible, say Wageningen researchers.

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Microscopic images from pollen. Photo: Susanne Dunker

Efficient pollen identification

From pollen forecasting, honey analysis and climate-related changes in plant-pollinator interactions, analysing pollen plays an important role in many areas of research. Microscopy is still the gold standard, but it is very time consuming and...

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EU Member States agree on threshold value to keep Europe’s beaches clean

Today, the Commission publishes a threshold value for marine litter on coastlines, to help clean up Europe’s beaches and keep them clean.

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Auchencorth monitoring site, Scotland (Photo: Ian Leith, UKCEH)

Long-term monitoring sites are key to assessing impacts of COVID-19

Europe’s extensive network of field research sites will play a crucial role in assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on the essential benefits that the natural world brings to humans.

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JRC assesses critical raw materials for Europe’s green and digital future

Today, the JRC publishes the results of assessments of selected raw materials, with factsheets and reports presenting the criticality of each.

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